Cassandra Foster


Cassandra Foster began practicing yoga in early 2012, and knew immediately she had stumbled on something special.  Yoga’s innate ability to join or connect—mind to body, movement to form, Buddhist philosophy to modern life—resonated with Cassi’s inner wisdom and inspired her to cultivate a dedicated daily practice. While on retreat in the serene woods of Maine in the summer of 2013, Cassi realized she wanted to transform her love for asana into a more pronounced part of her path; the following summer 2014, she completed the 200-hour YA-certified Teacher Training with Stil Studio. 

Cassandra is a full time yoga teacher living in Boston, MA.  Cassandra's certifications are as follows: E-RYT® 500, YACEP® , E-RYT 200®, SPA Yoga Certified, Yin Yoga Certified & Bodhi & Mind Yoga Certified. 

Students in Cassi’s dynamic vinyasa classes will find a balance of postures designed to promote strength and flexibility, with variations offered to accommodate practitioners at all levels. Her joyful heart and sweet demeanor help guide students toward more acute awareness of breath and body.  

On January 1st, 2018 Cassi opened Mission Hill Yoga.  It is in a vibrant part of Boston, and a diverse teacher and student base.  Mission Hill Yoga is a place where everyone at all levels is welcome!